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Plasma pro.

Plasma Therapy is one of the latest and most exciting developments in facial aesthetic rejuvenation.


A cost effective and highly effective alternative to the classic ablative resurfacing or surgery. PlasmaPRO is a non surgical procedure, which minimises some of the risks involved in more invasive surgery treatments, where skin can be burnt off or cut away, risking permanent cell damage, scarring and increased discomfort.


Plasma Therapy is designed to improve clients skin tone and overall texture, making it appear brighter, more contoured and giving a more youthful appearance by tightening loose and sagging skin. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles can be greatly reduced, hyper pigmentation and discolouration can be reversed and more challenging skin such as actinic keratosis, acne scarring and seborrheic keratosis can be treated successfully.


Plasma Therapy relies upon a ‘plasma flash’ generated through activated ironised gas. The PlasmaPRO probe emits a tiny current, which makes contact with very small areas of precision selected skin, causing the skin to retract. This intentional microtrauma stimulates the body’s natural healing response, leaving behind much tighter, taut and younger looking skin.

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What can be done?
• Eyebag/Eyelid correction
• Crows Feet
• Nasolabial/Marionette
• Smokers Lines
• Facelift and Neck Lift
• Stretch Marks
• Acne Scarring
• Skin Tags, Warts and Certain Moles
• Quick and Easy Procedure
• Non Surgical but with Surgery-like Results
• Tightens, Lifts and Firms Skin
• No Thinning of the Skin
• No Pigmentation Issues
• Significant Cost Saving
• Minimal Side Effects and Far Less Downtime
The healing Process
From Day 1 - Day 7 you can see the huge transformation of the upper eye lids. Although results can be seen immediately, the final results take around 8 weeks to see. You should expect some swelling, redness and tenderness and the small treatment 'dots' will scab and fall off after around 7 days.
A PlasmaPRO treatment causes controlled micro-trauma to the superficial layers of skin. Immediately after and for a number of weeks following the treatment, the skin is flooded with plasma and collagen, as the body seeks to repair and rejuvenate from within. 
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