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Nothing compares......

Nicky shares her experience of having semi-permanent brows and skincare with Gracie

After years of pencilling in my eyebrows, I started to consider semi-permanent makeup in order to feel more confident and save myself some time every morning. There are lots of people offering various brow treatments so I started doing some research in order to find someone who I would feel comfortable with.

Gracie at The White Feather Clinic was recommended due to her reputation and expertise in the field of semi-permanent makeup and skincare.


As soon as I went for my consultation, I knew this was the right fit for me. Gracie is so friendly and she really knew how to put me at ease. She explained everything to me very thoroughly so I knew exactly what to expect from my treatments and answered all of the questions I had. She is so knowledgeable, which gave me the utmost confidence in what she was doing.

The results are phenomenal. My new brows have literally transformed my life, I can't believe how they have made a difference to my routine every day and changed my appearance for the better! I have them topped up every 12-18 months just to keep them fresh, I love them!

Incredible skincare

In addition to my eyebrows, I have also returned for PlasmaPRO therapy for facial rejuvenation, Dermaplanning and Meso Therapy. My skin treatments have been incredible; Gracie has helped target the fine lines on my forehead and frown lines that I was self-conscious about. I now have regular Dermaplaning with Gracie every six weeks.

Thinking about semi-permanent makeup?

If you are considering semi-permanent makeup, I would highly recommend The White Feather Clinic. I’ve seen other people’s work and doesn’t compare to Gracie’s. I can't thank Gracie enough for how she has helped me, my brows were a massive bug bear of mine, now I love looking at them!


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