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meso therapy.

Meso Vytal is a new skin needling programme which will produce incredible results.


The visible skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging actually happens below the surface of the skin, this is also where the repair takes place.


Most skin treatments use the products which sit on the surface of the skin and less than 20% of these products will be absorbed.


Meso Vytal substances penetrate directly into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis. The highly effective ingredients target and repair the cause of visual surface skin problems.




Prices start from £50

further information.

Your trained specialist will diagnose your skin and choose one of 3 serums.


MESO vytal MED with hyaluron and peptides to reduce wrinkles and to stimulate collagen production. Contains peptides to achieve a lifting result and hexapeptides to interfere with the formation of wrinkles.


MESO vytal FRESH a sophisticated composition of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids supplies the skin with essential nutrients. This is suitable for young skin which would benefit from looking fresher.


MESO vytal PURE the spa treatment to protect and refresh the skin. With amino acids and extracts from soybeans and yams roots. This will enhance dull and dry skin and will benefit older clients.


Why is this different from other skin needling treatments?


The uniquely designed cartridge follows the contour of the skin and makes it easier to target problem areas, including wrinkles around the eye. This gentle treatment will not cause unnecessary trauma to healthy skin so, unlike other skin needling programmes, redness will subside within 1 to 2 hours leaving your skin visibly improved. Meso Vytal stimulates your natural collagen stores and will not scar or snag the skin.

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