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SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation, is the ultimate hair loss solution for both men and women. This procedure when carried out by a certified professional, is proven to be safe and effective.

SMP is a non-surgical precision technique, which replicates the look of natural hair follicles, and provides the client with the appearance of a closely shaved scalp, at the same time delivering the vision of a full head of hair.

The benefits of SMP are that it provides a full and youthful look. It restores a natural looking hairline on part or fully bald heads.

Here at The White Feather Clinic, we know we cannot cure baldness, but we are able to, with our precision techniques, camouflage all forms of Alopecia, thinning hair, crown balding and receding hairlines.

SMP helps clients gain confidence and restores self esteem, as well as improving their visual appearance.

There are other solutions such as hair transplant surgery, concealers, and hair systems, but SMP is a more stylish and more permanent hassle free solution.


Scalp Micropigmentation can also be used for density work on both men and women, and to disguise unsightly scars.

This innovative procedure has been proven to change lives, and Gail Proudman at TWF Clinic is delighted to be able to offer this treatment.

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