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Styles & hairlines for men.

Feathered Hairline

A very accurate treatment using definition and variances in pigment density to create a more blended, natural hair line.

defined Hairline

This is more popular in Afro Caribbean and Asian clients, who desire a more definite, precise hair line. Although anybody can have this hairline, it can look a little unnatural on lighter skin tones.

broken Hairline

This hairline has a strong shape, but the outcome has a softer edge. This works particularly well with white males. This hairline can offer a strong style, without the harshness of the defined hairline.

jagged Hairline

This hairline is generally more suited to clients looking for a softer, more natural look. With this hairline pigment is used and randomly placed, with different spaces, and stippling to replicate the natural growth of hair follicles on the scalp.

CREATING density

SMP enables us here at The White Feather Clinic to add density to thinning hair lines. This is available to male and female clients who are concerned that they are losing their existing hair, or it is becoming very thin. We can work within the existing hair, to create a fuller, thicker look. The appearance is very natural, and instills confidence and self esteem in our clients.

The Density treatment is also successful on bald patches and scarring.

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