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An estimated six million women suffer the traumatic effects of hair loss every year in Britain.

It is a subject that remains largely taboo, few women are willing to discuss it publicly as they are continually assaulted with images of models with beautiful flowing locks. Suffering in silence many often resort to spending vast amounts of money on commercially marketed treatments that can be largely ineffective.

The effects of hair loss can have a profound effect on a woman's self-confidence. 

Reasons for female hair loss can range from the simple and temporary - a vitamin deficiency through diet, sudden weight loss or over styling - to the more complex, like an underlying health condition, hormonal imbalance and physical or emotional stress.

For women the extent of female baldness can be measured by the Savin Scale which measures overall thinning as well as density of the hair. The Savin Scale illustrated shows the common areas of hair loss in women that can be aided with SMP. 

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